A Bit About Brandon


Brandon Moffitt, 28, is a part-time portrait and event photographer, currently based in Washington, DC.

Hailing from a small town west of Baltimore, MD, Brandon got his first real views behind a lens during a backpacking trip to Europe in 2008. Using a Canon SD750 on loan from his brother, he noticed that the dimly-lit allies of Venice were not well-captured by simply pointing and shooting. Instead, he used his long train rides between cities to educate himself on everything from aperture to shutter speed, ISO to the golden rule, and began experimenting with longer exposures, manual settings, and tripod photography. And thus, a passion was born. Upon returning stateside (more than 2,000 photos later), he purchased his first DSLR, a four-thirds Olympus, and hasn’t looked back. Years later, after being educated through a mixture of classes at the Washington School of Photography and dedicated self-teaching, he now shoots full-frame with Canon camera bodies and lenses, has taken over 100,000 images to date, and is a certified member of the Professional Photographers of America.



When Brandon isn’t shooting, he gets his fill of gadgets with a role at the Consumer Electronics Association in Arlington, VA, working on theĀ International CES. He also loves hiking, biking, camping, travel, and all things adventure.

Brandon currently lives in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC.

Top image courtesy of Greg Griffith.

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