Rates & Booking

My passion is being behind the lens, so whether you’d like to create lasting memories of a newly-minted engagement, document a special event or important milestone, or obtain that first headshot for your portfolio, I can see you there.

All of my packages include comprehensive photo editing and retouching, including things like color correction, blemish removal, skin softening, sharpening, and light balancing, as well as my personal style enhancements. For examples of my editing treatment, check out my portfolio, or reach out to me for additional samples.

Engagement and portrait shoots begin at $175, and professional headshots begin at $99, but given that each client’s needs are different, please reach out to me for a custom quote and I’m happy to discuss what you’re looking for. Events and other commissions are quoted at an hourly rate.

While specializing in portrait and event photography, I’m also open to any and all of your creative ideas. If you have one, drop me a line!

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